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Hang Loose in Dana Point for California Surfing Day

June 1, 2021

If you’re looking for an excuse to take a day off work, it doesn’t get much better than riding a party wave on September 20th for California Surfing Day— a celebration of the state’s official sport. As the birthplace of U.S. surf culture, Dana Point is the most iconic place to spend the day.

Whether you’re catching your first wave or just want a leisurely day on the water, Doheny State Beach is the perfect spot. Surfline describes Doheny as “an ideal beginner’s wave. Swells slip past the swell-choking jetty, break softly over a bed of cobblestones and form into slow shoulders.”

If you’re a more experienced surfer looking for a wilder break, Salt Creek will keep you stoked all day long. Surfline calls Salt Creek “a watery playground of long point break-style lefts, wedgy A-frames, relentless shore break and sand-gurgling rights. You name the type of wave, and Creek probably has it.”

Just seconds down the road from any surf break in Dana Point, attractions like the Ocean Institute and whale watching tours welcome visitors who want to round out their seaside adventure.

So, grab your board, hit dawn patrol and celebrate California Surfing Day in Dana Point.