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Dana Point’s Local Business Spotlight: Organic Tree

February 28, 2023

Dana Point’s Local Business Spotlight

While Dana Point is surrounded by breathtaking ocean views and picturesque landscapes, it’s our tight-knit community that truly makes Dana Point so special. Whether you’re visiting for the day or booking a stay with us, our community welcomes and embraces everyone. Our Dana Point Local Business Spotlight showcases local business owners, artists, and makers, and the positive imprint they leave on our beloved city.

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the individuals that make Dana Point the community it is today! Thanks for following along and stay tuned for interviews each month!

Organic Tree Juice Bar & Cafe, Owner Meryl Bonner

If you haven’t been to Organic Tree Juice Bar & Cafe, let us introduce you to your next go-to spot in Dana Point!

Organic Tree has crafted a unique menu, creating delicious food, smoothies, and juices that are also nourishing for the body. Organic Tree emphasizes the importance of tuning in to your body and creating a healthy relationship between body, food, and mind.

Inside the cafe, you can find a marketplace stocked with products, medicinal elixirs, herbs, and supplements. We also appreciate Organic Tree’s sustainable efforts in reducing their carbon footprint by providing organic options, implementing their glass jar program (save $1 every time you bring in your reusable jar), paying attention to packaging, and working to source produce from local farmers.

We are excited to share our interview today and hope that you will make your way to Organic Tree for your next bite! 

P.S. We highly recommend The Funk Avocado Toast, Vanilla Maca Smoothie, and Masala Chai Tea! Just a few of our favorites!

Enjoy our interview with Owner Meryl below:


Visit Dana Point: For those who don’t know about your business, would you please describe who you are and what you offer?

Meryl Bonner: We are an Organic Juice Bar, Cafe, and Marketplace offering breakfast, lunch, warm drinks, and fresh-to-order juice & smoothies. Our market supplies fresh bread, vegan treats and pantry items, supplements, an apothecary, and locally made goods.

Vegan sweet treats from Organic Tree
Veggie Banh Mi from Organic tree with Hummus. Ginger. Lime. Jalapeño. Pickled Carrot. Cucumber. Pickled Radish. Herbs

Visit Dana Point: Can you talk about when you decided to start your own business and what inspired you?

Meryl Bonner: We felt the community was lacking a place where they could go for creative, organic food made fresh, without compromise, and where one could find inspiration and education surrounding sustainable, practical self-health-care.

Beyond quality, creative meal choices – we wanted to offer herbs, supplements, and products that we have been using ourselves for years but were difficult to find in stores outside of LA, namely. It was also important for us to spread the practice of detoxification as the cornerstone for health care, and a simple life-changing practice to improve one’s symptoms. Health sovereignty is our biggest motivator in everything we do.

The Farmacy at Organic Tree: a wall with food, snacks, coffee, tea , herbs and an assortment of cvarious items on the shelves for sale at Organic Tree
Bowls of various sizes with herbs and spices used in food and beverages at Organic Tree in Dana Point

Visit Dana Point: What are the biggest rewards for a business owner? Or one of your proudest moments?

Meryl Bonner: We are proud of the integrity behind our products and business model, as well as our strong, beautiful staff. The reward here is how much of the community is in support of what we are doing. People gathering daily, re-using their containers, enjoying good food, and experiencing improvements in their lives and health because of simple habits is the change we want to create.

Healthy people are happy people. Happy people are creative, positive change-makers within a society.

The Organic Tree storefront in Dana Point, CA. Picture shows an open door, a white bench to the right of the door, an artwork of the store window displays a negative print artwork of a person under a rainbow

Visit Dana Point: Where do you see your business in the future?

Meryl Bonner: Continuing to create, improve, and hold space for our vision of a stronger, healthier society, good organic food, and a positive atmosphere to gather, learn, and meet like-minded people.

After School Toast from Organic Tree - 
Almond Butter. Banana. Sea Salt. Raw Honey. Hemp Seeds on a piece of toast

Visit Dana Point: When you’re not working, what is your favorite thing to do in Dana Point?

Meryl Bonner: We love to be out on the water, on the trail, or posted up at Capo Beach Day Lot enjoying camp-style eats and sunsets with friends.

Visit Dana Point: Is there anything else you would like to include or share?

Meryl Bonner: We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we’re doing, meet all of our customers who have become family, and spread the idea of responsible, eco-conscious, and community-minded living!!

Our wish is for everyone to understand that by adopting simple daily practices, we can alter our lives and our health beyond measure!

Organic Tree Information:

Address: 24901 Dana Point Harbor Drive
Dana Point, CA 92629

(in the plaza with Glasspar and Jimmy’s Famous)

Phone: (949) 276 7202


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