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Whale Watching

The world’s best year-round whale watching – including the greatest concentration of blue whales and dolphins on earth – is only at Dana Point, Southern California. One face-to-face encounter will change your view on whales for life. From Dana Point Harbor, gray whales can be seen just seconds away by boat, and nearby are gigantic and gentle blue whales, fearsome killer whales, and more glorious marine life in their natural habitat.As the whale capital of the world, Dana Point showcases exclusive experiences like the annual Festival of Whales, the world’s only eye-to-eye viewing pod to “swim” with dolphin megapods and whales, and more. Search here for Southern California’s best whale watching excursions in Dana Point.


24440 Dana Point Harbor Drive

Experience the world’s only Eye to Eye Underwater Viewing Pods aboard Capt. Dave’s hi-tech Sailing Catamaran where you can see and hear whales and dolphins up close in their own underwater environment. Capt. Dave, an award winning filmmaker and author, has also outfitted his vessel with three Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets, research quality hydrophone, micro-museum, and production quality cameras for the world’s only live whale watching broadcast on the web at! Mrs. Captain Dave’s yummy Triple Fudge Brownies are served on every trip.
Experienced marine naturalists narrate your 2 1/2 hour ocean adventure. We leave from Dana Point Harbor daily. Photo courtesy Barry Curtis/Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari.

(949) 488-2828
34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point


Dana Wharf Whale Watching is simply the BEST! Naturalist Captains share their passion as whales frolic and dolphin surf the bow. The pioneers of whale watching in Orange County, Dana Wharf is committed to providing life-long memories to locals and visitors alike~offering a Marine Mammal Sightings Guarantee which means you’ll have a good showing or you ride again, anytime…FREE!

Within 5 minutes of leaving the dock, you’ll be in the Pacific Ocean, ready to be up close and personal with our beloved Whales as they spy hop and breach right in front of you ~ and the price is always right!

Friendly Dana Wharf Captains are expert navigators and are all Certified Naturalists by the American Cetacean Society. Our Naturalist Captains share their passion and knowledge as whales frolic about and dolphin surf our bow. Founder Don Hansen pioneered whale watching in Orange County back in 1964 and the family-owned and operated Dana Wharf is committed to providing these life-long memories to locals and visitors alike. The perfect adventure for all ages, Dana Wharf offers the only Marine Mammal Sightings Guarantee which means you’ll have a good showing or you ride again, anytime…FREE!

Exclusively endorsed by world-famous marine life artist Wyland, Dana Wharf adventures may take you up the Coast through the illusive Laguna Beach coastline, famous for its pristine beaches and Hollywood connection. Dana Wharf provides responsible whale watching adventures on immaculate vessels that feature comfortable seating and optimal viewing for everyone! Even the smallest ‘watcher’ will enjoy the beauty of the vast marine mammals who love to put on a show for our passengers.

Come aboard the luxuriously smooth 65 ft. Ocean Adventures Catamaran, our custom-built, state-of-the-art vessel features a raised viewing platform that ensures optimal viewing~without getting wet! You’ll be comfortable on the cushioned indoor or outdoor seating, enjoy a smooth, quiet ride, and with never more than 59 passengers, your adventure is never crowded.

Board the the ultra-fast 95 ft. Dana Pride for a smooth ride, even in rough waters! Featuring upper deck outdoor and inside galley seating, your adventure on the largest OC whale watching vessel will be an experience you won’t forget! Expertly navigated by our Naturist Captains, this flagship vessel gets to the marine mammal action quickly, so you don’t miss the show.

Looking for a more intimate adventure? Charter any one of our smaller vessels for your personalized trip. Our fleet of 14 vessels feature small 6-packs, mid-sized boats, and a Schooner sailboat, the Curlew.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching – a whale of a good time for all ages! Reservations suggested and there’s always FREE PARKING!

24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point

Journey to sea with Ocean Institute scientists as they introduce you to the local marine wildlife; including an astounding variety of fish, microscopic plankton, and the animals that live in sediment retrieved from the ocean floor. Encounter a pod of playful dolphin or witness the majesty of a traveling whale. Discover the amazing, and sometimes bizarre life that lives just beneath the waves! 

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Dana Point, Southern California

Dana Point, Southern California